At Oceanside Center of Neurology, Dr. Glenn Balfour has the skill set and expertise to effectively diagnose and treat nervous system trauma.

Dr. Balfour and the medical specialists at Oceanside Center of Neurology offer an array of treatments for nervous system trauma which encompass therapies for the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

Understanding Nervous System Trauma and Injuries

According to data posted on the Dana Foundation’s website, “Nervous system injuries comprise a diverse group of disorders that include spinal cord injury (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as stroke and brain cancer. SCI and TBI disproportionately affect the young, primarily because of motor vehicle accidents and violence, and stroke more commonly strikes older people, but brain tumors can develop at any age, with incidence peaking in children between the ages of 3 and 12 and adults between 55 and 65.”

Your Nervous System & You

The nervous system is the unique and extensive network of your body’s nerve cells. Your nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and sensory neurons within your body. From sensing to movement, emotions, and bodily control, the nervous system is the intricate and delicate network that helps to regulate the body.

So, when the nervous system experiences trauma, it’s imperative to receive a thorough examination as well as the proper care and treatments.

Some common causes of spinal cord injury and nervous system trauma include but aren’t limited to falls, work accidents, progressive diseases, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports injuries, assaults and poundings, and more.

Choosing Oceanside Center of Neurology For Your Nervous System Trauma Treatment

The medical professionals at the Neurological Services of Oceanside Center of Neurology offer patients detailed diagnostics, sound treatments, and rehabilitative services.
Dr. Glenn Balfour specializes in nerve conditions. With proficiency within neurological disorders, Dr. Balfour understands the intricacies and complexities of the nervous system and stands at the forefront of nervous system trauma. He and the medical specialists at Oceanside Center of Neurology are the dedicated professionals providing the most innovative and ground-breaking technologies, procedures, and practices for patients.

As Dr. Balfour and the team at Oceanside Center of Neurology work to exceed the expectations of patients’ neurological needs and improve overall neurological health, they will effectively treat patients with nervous system trauma with combination therapy. In addition to specific medications that may be prescribed, Dr. Balfour and the medical team at Oceanside Center of Neurology will combine therapy with rehabilitation, exercise, testing, and other state-of-the-art neurological innovations.

Your Oceanside Nervous System Trauma Specialists

If you’re experiencing your nervous system trauma from physical distress or illness, Dr. Balfour will proficiently and thoroughly evaluate your specific nervous system trauma and injuries, to determine the most practical and sustainable treatment options in a quest to relieve pain, suffering, and physical limitations.

So, for the nervous system trauma you’re experiencing, contact Dr. Balfour and the medical specialists at Oceanside Center of Neurology today!