For those who have suffered from back pain for a period of time, spinal surgery may be a viable treatment option. As a spinal specialist, Dr. Glenn Balfour can successfully diagnose and treat patients with a variety of medical conditions. While most back problems can be remedied with non-surgical treatments, others may benefit from spinal surgery options. Typically, a series of treatments such as physical therapy, medication, and exercise are used for a specific period of time to determine their success. If they do not help to reduce or lessen symptoms, spinal surgery is utilized.

Understanding Spinal Surgery Options

Most of the time, spinal surgery is performed as an open surgery. This requires opening a site with a long incision where the spinal surgeon can view and access the spine as a whole. However, some patients may benefit from minimally invasive spine surgery, which avoids manipulating muscles and tissues around the spine, leading to less postoperative pain and a faster recovery period.

During surgery, computer-assisted image guidance is used to see the area more clearly. Using this type of imaging, implants such as screws or rods can be inserted and/or positioned with excellent accuracy. This also allows a surgeon to see real-time views of the spine while they’re still conducting surgery. There are many approaches to spinal surgery including anterior, posterior, and lateral, which all depend on the where your pain stems from or where your injury occurred.

With any type of surgery, there are always risks. Some patients are especially at risk of their fusion not healing completely or properly. This is known as a failed fusion or non-function. To avoid these problems, a surgeon may recommend a bone growth stimulation.

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