is damage to the spinal cord and the surrounding nervous system. It can result from direct injury to the spinal cord itself or indirectly from a disease of the blood vessels, tissues, or nearby bones. The spinal cord contains nerves that carry messages between the brain and the body. The cord passes through the neck and back to the first vertebra.

Causes of Nervous System Trauma

Some common causes of spinal cord injury and nervous system trauma include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents (Sideway pulling or pressing or even compression from the twisting of the neck, head or back)
  • Industrial/work accidents
  • Gunshot wounds (Fragments of metal)
  • Falls (Fragments of bone)
  • Assault

However, even a minor injury can damage the spinal cord. Osteoporosis, a condition that weakens the spinal cord, or rheumatoid arthritis can also cause this trauma. Injury may also occur if the spinal canal protecting the cord becomes too narrow, a condition known as spinal stenosis. Any fluid buildup, swelling, or bleeding can occur both inside and outside of the spinal cord, which can damage it resulting in this trauma.

How a Spinal Specialist in Oceanside, California Can Help

Typically, these injuries are first diagnosed with the use of MRIs or CT scans as well as spinal x-rays. After this diagnosis, patients are referred to spinal specialists such as Dr. Glenn Balfour. With years of experience treating patients with nervous system trauma, he can evaluate each patient and determine the most viable treatment option for their pain and suffering.

This trauma should not be avoided as it is considered a medical emergency and the time between the injury and treatment can affect the overall outcome. Surgery may be needed in order to remove fluid or tissue, remove fragments, realign the spinal bones, or place braces that secure the spinal cord in place. To schedule an appointment with a spinal specialists in Oceanside, call 760-845-4879 today.